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Rogall has been playing as many Jazz-sets as no other DJ in Berlin. Old school and modern.

Joining the DJ Jazz-movement in 1990, he was inspired by the scene in London, and German clubs like the Beatbox (with Groove Attack) or the original Mojo Club in Hamburg and Rogall had been DJing most relevant venues for this sound in Germany.

Between 97 and 2000, Rogall reinforced the DJ-team of Jazzanova on Tour.

Don kept on playing Jazz on a regular basis, weekly or monthly at several places – and despite any trends – for almost 3 decades ! The longest Dj-residence with Jazz was at the legendary Bar Am Lützowplatz (with Peter Glückstein, r.i.p.), playing Jazz every week from 2006 until 2013.

Here´s one of his jazzier works as a producer, a special mix for Nicola Conte in 2002, released on his remix-album Revisited :


Rogall in Prinz Magazine –  1993 A quarter-century ago…Rogall in Prinz Magazine, 1993, A quarter-century ago

Rogall producing Micatone

Compilation for Sonar Kollektiv – In Session : Rogall