Music Producing / Mastering / Mixing

Don Rogall offers mixing, editing, mastering, guiding productions, sound-branding and audio production for film. The spectrum is huge. Get in contact for individual rates !

For Burlesque dancers & other performers: Don helps creating or mixing the soundtrack for your act ! You may already have the music but it needs editing, or you might know what mood you would like to create but haven’t found the right sound yet. He made many soundtracks for shows as well as for other artists own portfolio with great success.

Including Exclusive Music mixes for artists like Constance Peach, Rachel Belle Barum, Tara D’arson, Valentina DeMonia, Felicity Felicis, La Rubinia , Cadbury Parfait, Mimi Oh Lala, La Loba Lucia or Individual productions for shows with Banbury Cross, Tallulah Freeway, Agata D’mon, Lou On The Rocks, Julietta La Doll, Deni Rose, Erochica Bamboo, Adéle Wolf, Arden Delacour, Misty Lotus, Martini Cherry Furter, Angie Z, Asha Jone, Cherry Bombshell, Tara D’arson, Gal Friday, Anja Pavlova, Ruby Decadence, Katrin Gajndr, Van Der Blast, Felicity Felicis, Porcelain Alice, Visha Loo

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