As a DJ, Rogall started to jam with musicians at clubs in `93.

Between 95 and 97, he ran the first live-remix soundsystem – Analogue Freestyle, mixing DJ-work and improvising live musicians. Very popular in the clubs of Berlin, like WMF or E-Werk, they toured and also played many drum´n´bass events (with 2 drummers).

Analogue Freestyle never recorded or released anything as part of the concept.

In 1998, Rogall was asked to be one of the first lecturers at the Red Bull Music Academy to explain live remixing. – same year as Juan Atkins, Sir Norman Jay , X-Ecutioners, Jeff Mills and many more

In 2003, he did a small Tour with new musicians but in the same manner. Here are some live recordings of a few house-jams.

        old promo shot, 1996  

1998, Red Bull Academyimage

1996 :  Dresden with Analogue Freestyle and the mighty MASSIVE ATTACK.