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2022 marks the year that Analogue Freestyle makes its comeback. The return of  a myth and legend of Berlins underground movements in the 90s. Founded in 1994 by DJ Don Rogall, the sound of Analogue Freestyle emerged from subgenres of the time, allowing it to amalgamate into its own versatile sound. Their shows influenced many artists in Berlin.

Fast forward to 2022 – Analogue Freestyle is opening a new chapter in history with the first official release ever ! 

Analogue Freestyle’s musical influences are based on eclectic Sampledelia.
Early practices go back to Musique Concrète’s production techniques of sonic manipulation and transformation of the 60’s which influenced very early Turntablism and scratching in dance music, including Jamaican dub music, later to be transfused into streams like Tech-house, Electro, Breakbeat, Jungle, Beatdown and countless other genres.

Analogue Freestyle Website


DJ Don Rogall started to jam with musicians at clubs in `93, with the idea to run an instant- live-remix soundsystem.  
One year later the name Analogue Freestyle was born, mixing DJ-work and live instrumentalists, influenced by the current electronic music of the 90’s. The number of musicians were variable – from just a KorgMS20 or a Sax to a full band of nine wizards on stage. The line-up changed permanently. Analogue Freestyle quickly gained cult-status at the clubs of Berlin, like WMF or E-Werk, as well as other venues in Germany. It’s also reported to be the first real live-D’n’B act, with 2 incredible live-drummers.

In 1996, Analogue Freestyle played at a huge event in Dresden. They were scheduled to play at the same time as headliners, Massive Attack, who were playing on the main stage and Analogue Freestyle won over most of their audience. A year later, they headlined the opening event of the Festival Mille Plateaux at the Volksbühne, Berlin, with a tribute to Gilles Deleuze.

In 1998, Rogall was one of the first lecturers at the Red Bull Music Academy to explain the live remixing concept of Analogue Freestyle – same year as Juan Atkins, Sir Norman Jay , X-Ecutioners, Jeff Mills and many more. Contrary to high demand (and pressure from their agency) there never was any record released.  
In 2003, the project toured again with a complete different line-up in Germany & Switzerland.

2004 marked a hiatus.  
Analogue Freestyle became part of a memory of a flourishing counterculture in Berlin, a haunting phantom-ghost of time in a city with more clubs than labels. 

        old promo shot, 1996  

1998, Red Bull Music Academy

1996 :  Dresden with Analogue Freestyle and the mighty MASSIVE ATTACK.