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With Atomhockey, Rogall did his first ever  release in 1997, together with Arnold Kasar for the Compilation of his resident club back then,Delicious Doughnuts.

Atomhockey had an absolute (and to this day) unique way of producing soulful breakbeat tracks.

They had a couple of releases for Sonar Kollektiv and Poets Club records.  Atomhockey did a concept album, called Play Off At The Digital Gate.  All tracks were in the mix, alike their live performances.

Groove Magazin,  Feb. 2003, about the album:  .“..Schon jetzt darf man den Breakbeat – soul des Debüts von Rogall & Kasar (Sonarkollektiv) als einen der interressantesten Entwürfe 2003 feiern.” (…one of the most interesting blueprints of 2003)