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In 2015, Don released an album of own songs together with Earl Zinger.  

The collaboration goes back to their earlier band, Rogall & The Electric Circus Sideshow, and their live p.a. soundsystem with Don on the turntables and Earl on the microphone.

A bag of vintage Rhythm, Rockin Blues, dealing with some nasty boogie,  jive,  and ingredients of exotic origin – a new breed of juke joint anthems with a touch of raw soul.

For one with their own songs, for another with their original soundsystem, this is a unique force. It´s a long term collaboration, the results are tons of killer tunes.

With the soundsystem, Earl sings on top of Don´s special versions from a one-of-a-kind collection of 50s and 60s instrumentals. (Check the “Versions Project” as well)

Their own songs are fitting in perfectly, yet taking the roots to a new level. Recorded with the best musicians around.


They released two 10″ records and a full album on CD.

The album: