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Don started his first Soundsystem / Live p.a.  in 1993. (The term Soundsystem or Live p.a. describes a DJ set with live musicians or vocalists, not the technical equipment.)

The current Soundsystem is going back to the basics : Turntables, Microphone and vintage rhythm from the 50s and 60s. It takes place every month at the Hoochie Koo club in Berlin, with Earl Zinger on mic, Joey B Carter or Jules Kiss on Saxophone. Most of the used instrumentals are specially produced or modified for this soundsystem.

In the 90s and Naughties, Rogall fathomed all ways of a Soundsystem. He lectured on this topic at the Red Bull music academy, performed with different line-ups at Jazz-festivals, Raves and Art-events. Check also: Analogue Freestyle.