The Hoochie Koo Compilation, Volume 2

I can proudly announce: The 2nd compilation of Hoochie Koo is ooouuuut ! A lot of work went into this and i destilled exclusive, danceable and extraordinary music for your pleasure. The stuff is tweaked and it sounds killer – or – as the great Earl Zinger once said: “None of it fat free”! Of course it’s only available on 10”inch vinyl, just like i do DJ sets mostly with 10”inch records from “the box”.  Click on the pic below to watch the trailer with snippets of all 10 songs “in action”:

Ansicht HK Vol 2 cover artwork nur vorne

All of the tunes are big at our nights. Among classic material the compilation contains very special versions, unavailable anywhere else. Featuring the crazy honking of our Sax-player, Florent Mannant (song: Earthshaker), an homage to Chika, the leader of our GoGo dancers (song: Rocka Chika!), the vocal skills of Earl Zinger (song:Bassy Boogaloo, recorded years ago at one of our wild nights at the infamous Bassy Club) and the song Snacky (soundtrack for the quirkiest Burlesque performer we ever had: Snacky The Drag King). Plus, i added a few tweaks here and there.
The album cover features Erochica Bamboo and Viva Lam , caught in GoGo action at one of those wild nights. Released on Stag-O-Lee Records, our favourite label.

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